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What’s Right About Professional Sales

The Career Self-Ownership Path...

If you speak to anyone who has worked in professional sales, they’ll tell you that there are big career benefits that come from professional selling. And, if you’re considering pursuing a career in sales yourself, you’ve probably heard your fair share of pitches from recruiters who want you to sell for them.

But there may be benefits to starting your professional sales career that you haven’t even thought of.

So here’s a short list on the benefits of professional selling…

They’ll Always Be Selling

You’ve probably heard the famous sales phrase, “always be selling.” But if you can prove yourself to be an effective salesman, you’ll have to fight off companies looking to sell themselves to you. Sales is one of the oldest professions in the world. No matter the time, no matter the place, no matter the market, companies need clients and they need customers to survive. If you can deliver those things to them, you’ll never want for a job.

If you’re a millennial leaving college, take note of this benefit. You’ve got a whole host of options available, but few will provide you with the long-term security of valuable sales experience.

It’s All About Who You Know

Whether you want to work in professional sales for the rest of your life, or you’re just trying your hand at it for a short time, professional sales is perhaps the best career opportunity you can have for building a powerful and influential network. Selling won’t just force you to come into contact with important people, it will also teach you how to interact with those people. Once you know how to build meaningful relationships with complete strangers, you’ll have a leg up on 90% of your competition in the professional world.

Room to Travel, Room to Grow

One of the worst things about working in a conventional 9 to 5 career is the day to day grind that never seems to change. The desk job that leaves you watching the seconds tick slowly off the clock. The endless meaningless meetings that seem designed to waste everyone’s time.

But professional sales offers a reprieve from the doldrums of the conventional professional world.

Sales job frequently provide the opportunity to…

Meet a rich variety of people, developing satisfying relationships with clients, customers, and colleagues that you would never meet sitting inside a cubicle.

Work from home or on the road. If you’re the kind of person who prefers to make money in your pajamas, or in your local coffee shop, many sales jobs offer you the flexibility to do just that.

See the world on someone else’s dime. Many sales professionals have seen the world without paying a cent for any of it. If you’d like to cross a few states off your list, or add a few stamps to your passport, sales may be the perfect career move for you.

Money. Benefits. Security.

Most of us worry about money. And, especially if you’re coming straight out of college, you may be worried about how you’re going to make enough to support yourself and a family. Luckily, sales is still one of the most lucrative professions in the world, and it’s easily accessible to people from multiple backgrounds.

Many sales jobs offer respectable base salaries, impressive benefits packages, and a variety of other perks that add up over time. And that’s before any of the added bonuses or commissions come into play.

According to Indeed, the average yearly salary for a sales professional is $56,000. But don’t assume that you’ll stay there for long. Many sales professionals go on to earn in the mid six figures.

It’s starting to sound tempting isn’t it?

Providing Real Value to Real People

Sometimes salesmen get a bad rap, and some of them deserve it. But the fact is, to be an effective salesman, you have to actually provide value for the potential customers or clients who you’re selling. No one hands over their money just because you ask them to. The best salesman sell real life-changing benefits to real people. Give sales a try, and you’ll see that both parties benefit when you focus on giving value before you take it.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional, or a new graduate looking to jumpstart your career, build the skills that you need to be a powerful sales professional. The benefits are undeniable.

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