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Team Selling Podcast Episode #1

Team Selling Manifesto: Read & Discussed... What is Team Selling?

Description: In this inaugural episode Alexis, Cody & Robert read the Team Selling Manifesto.

Episode #1 The Team Selling Podcast: 

What is Team Selling?

Topics: After reading their declaration, they discuss...

  • Team Selling & Scrum (13:30)
  • How Team Selling Works (15:30)
  • Learning to Fish vs. Out-Sourced Sales (16:30)
  • Up and Down Sales Cycles (17:20)
  • Lone Wolf Sales Person vs. Collaboration (18:30)
  • Team Selling Examples (19:30)
  • Constant Improvement (21:00)
  • Cross-functional Specialists (23:00)
  • Setbacks, Lost Deals & Failures (24:00)
  • Transparency & Accountability (24:30)

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