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Team Selling Podcast #5

Sales Apps: Simplicity & Effectiveness

In this episode we explore the topic of sales apps (CRM), simplicity and effectiveness. Joining Steve Turney and Robert Allen is Sean Miller from Be sure leave your questions or comments below. Thanks for listening!


  • Observations regarding CRM / Sales Apps (3:30)
  • Complicated sales apps vs. effectiveness (7:00)
  • Challenges with Sales Stacks (16:30)
  • Simplifying sales tech and process (19:30)
  • Teams and tools for effectiveness (36:00)
  • The future of selling (43:00)
  • Standardization vs. Optimization (51:00)

Guest Bio
Sean Miller / CEO & Co-Founder of Tubular

Sean is the Founder of Tubular, a London-based software Startup. Tubular is, Simple Sales Tracking Software. In his words “ We’ve built Sales Pipeline Software that's actually useful, we are on a mission to reduce the unnecessary complexity thats found its way into Sales software over the years."

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