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Team Selling Podcast #3

ProSales Systems Tackles SEO

The Team Selling Podcast #3: ProSales Systems Tackles SEO

In this week's Team Selling podcast, the team formally addresses SEO from a team selling perspective. Alexis, Dyksha, Cody and our special guest is Cody Turner go after ideas on how to be effective at this complex art form.


  • SEO- Set and forget it? (4:38)
  • Overview of SEO components (6:15)
  • On page, off page factors (9:15)
  • The latest trends- technical vs. better user experience- authorship (6:16)
  • Long term signals that matter (13:21)
  • Pogo-sticking (14:51)
  • How long does it take to get results anyway? (17:00)
  • Enter the "snake oil" (20:00)
  • Content marketing (24:03)
  • Team Selling -> Team Marketing (26:45)

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