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Rethinking Sales

There’s a problem with traditional selling models — they don’t work.

Salespeople aren’t happy. Gallup surveys show that 20 percent of salespeople on an average sales team are actively disengaged at work (probably a low statistic). They leave their jobs often — sales turnover rates hover between 25 and 30 percent (again, a low statistic) — and the vacancies they leave behind are among the most difficult jobs to fill. According to The Wall Street Journal, the competitive nature of sales is one of the reasons young job candidates stay away from sales jobs.

Businesses are also suffering. An article in The Harvard Business Review spotlights one HR practice that documented, over a decade, a decrease in the impact of individual employees’ performance on the unit profitability, from 78 to 51 percent.

“People have an on-off switch when it comes to selling. They either view it as very negative and they look at it as a necessary evil, or they understand its value, embrace it and try to become good at it.”

Wherever you fall on that spectrum, there is a solution. One that offers much-needed support to the members of your sales team while bringing in more revenue for your company: team selling. This means organizing your sales reps, who are used to competing with one another — into a cooperative, high-performance sales team.

You may not have heard of team sales yet; that’s because the team selling methodology is fairly new. It’s based on principles pulled from the manufacturing and software development industries. (We’ll get into the nitty-gritty of those in future posts.) Those principles make the sales team leaner, more agile and more cooperative.

Team selling is a big change, and as the leader, you’ll have to invest in it, emotionally, philosophically, and financially.

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