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Maximizing Millennial Workplace Potential


So much passion that you don’t know what to do with it? Yep, that’s us! The millennial generation is now what makes up the largest percentage of the workforce, and we’re dying to pour all our enthusiasm into a company where we feel like we can make a difference.

However, often it seems all that “passion” doesn’t have a place to land, or rather, doesn’t know where to land. No one discounts the energy and enthusiasm that young workers bring to companies, but often it reigns true that millennials haven’t quite found a framework that can effectively point their skills in the right direction.

Deep down millennials know their talents are valuable, and so does the rest of the workforce, but a common question – that currently seems to be a hot topic - is how do we harness their attributes to bring value to the company while also bringing contentment to the millennial contractor? Team Selling answers just that. Win for millennials = win for the employer.

It All Begins with Proper Placement

In the Bloomberg article “Matching the Right People to the Right Jobs", Amy Barrett exposes that rather than failing because of not having the right contractors, often companies aren’t effective because they simply have people placed in the wrong positions. Team Selling agrees.

One of the key components of Team Selling is the placement of workers based on the proven methods of TTI Success Insights. TTI Success Insights is a behavior/skill evaluation test that gives you tangible roles of where you could best perform in a company. It allows the employer to better understand your motivations, passions, strengths, and weaknesses, and it simultaneously helps guide you to a role you will likely enjoy and be effective at.

By embracing TTI Success Insights, employers better understand how to mentor, set goals, and develop millennials, and millennials better understand how they can best contribute to an organization. As our Scrum Master at PSS says, “It’s essentially a development handbook for individuals.”

Haven’t found the perfect company millennials? Perhaps you just haven’t been placed in the right position.

Teams, Teams, Teams.

Until graduating, millennials have been accustomed to teams their entire lives, and simultaneously they’ve also been given constant feedback in every performance related activity. Sports teams - constant feedback from coaches. Family - feedback from parents. School - continuous feedback from teachers on tests or assignments.Therefore it seems to be a natural solution that a team environment would be an effective way for them to function at work, doesn’t it?  

For many millennials, their first career is often their first time to operate completely autonomously. While a lot of millennials claim to strongly value creative freedom and choosing their own path at work, if given without proper mentorship or feedback, this can prove to be quite overwhelming and a bit of a culture shock.

Team Selling solves this issue by creating an environment that allows individuals to continuously work collaboratively while also focusing on their area of expertise. Through daily standups and developmental meetings, team members – who traditionally operate in completely separate silos (and get lonely/discontent if you’re a millennial) - are constantly engaging with each other so they can help each other succeed.

The environment is more enjoyable, and effective, because if one member is stuck with a problem, they ideate together to get around it. If another member is slacking, they easily call each other out in a professional, yet friendly manner. Marketing, sales, and management, are in constant dialogue providing feedback for improvement.

With Team Selling, there’s no opportunity for anyone or anything to fall through the cracks. Continuous improvement is a non-negotiable, and thus maximum potential is achieved. Not just for the millennials, but also everyone on your team.

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