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It's Not A New Strategy... Just Better

A Strategy for 2016 and Beyond: Why now is the time to seriously consider team selling as a legitimate strategy

Team Selling: A Strategy for 2016 and Beyond

Team Selling is not a new idea. It's been discussed at various times, by various folks over the past decade or so... maybe even before that. What makes it a decent topic these days is that time seems to have caught up with the concept.

Team Selling affords many ongoing benefits. Some of the more obvious ones include...

  • Accountability
  • Cohesiveness
  • Consistency
  • Commitment
  • Development / training
  • Motivation
  • Speed or velocity

Not to mention, it's an incredible pattern interrupt, makes better use of existing sales personnel (customer satisfaction) and matches or balances talent... providing a more "complete" sales unit.

Many sales orgs are already evolving into specialized teams or units organically. What comes next is the formalization of this strategy and inherent process for the ultimate modernization of elite sales teams.

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