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Isn’t it Time You Embraced

the “New School of Sales”?


Individual Performance Once Ruled the Sales World

Entire sub-industries and departments were once built around individual sellers: management systems, recruiting strategies, training philosophies—all fostered for over 50+ years to build bigger profits through the power of individual sales.

Suddenly, however, the sales landscape is shifting.

Clients are no longer valuing the one-on-one sales relationships that used to sell as performance and profitability numbers are showing that clients are now valuing relationships with sales teams.

We’re not just going to explain why team sales is “the new black,” you’re going to learn 4 ways embracing team selling will help skyrocket sales.

Here’s What Smart Sales Executives Knew All Along

Recent business management, marketing and sales research prove what many business executives seemed to know along…

The power of the individual seller was really in the way he leveraged his resources and how he built a team around him. Great sellers were once built through what we call “motivation” (at least that’s what we wanted to call it.

You know how it works: You go out and find “your guy.” The one sales person who stands out. A true “2%er” who is hungry, ready, and waiting to take the bull by the horns. You’ve got an image of the dream sales person with the perfect “sell me this pen” pitch filled with features turned benefits, charisma and an uncanny ability to convey excitement.

But here’s the truth…

All along, great sales people with excellent numbers were really just good team players.

Think about it. Your best sales people are really the ones who can leverage relationships with other members of your sales force, cross-selling services to maximize profits (and stack their commissions), giving clients access to all the resources your company has. Making clients happy. Making money.

Has It Really Been About Team Selling All Along? 

Likely. Here Are 3 Reasons Embracing Team Sales Is Essential...

Reason 1: Clients Will Love You for It

Team selling makes your clients feel special.


Simple. If you have a team of people that collectively represent every aspect of your business, they will be able to answer any question your client will have. If you have a member of your company whose primary function is not selling, they will make up for the salesperson's lack of knowledge in those areas.

AND, you still have your actual salesperson involved with the client.

This means your client is getting a holistic view of your business. This keeps your clients happy, and happy clients means more sales.

Reason 2: You’ll Put Profit Back in Your Pocket

If you have members of your sales team who used to do behind the scenes work performing other services for your company, they will be able to sell new products you never would have thought to sell.

These profit maximizers will allow you to sell more services from different areas of your business. Which means more money. Also, remember the individual commission compensation system? You won't for much longer.

If you have a new reward system for your representatives that is based around the team working as one, you will save even more money by distributing payment among all of them.

Reason 3: Your Team Will Love Where They Work

Just like how happy clients means more sales, happy workers ALSO means more sales.

If your salespeople aren't fighting over leads and start to help each other, you will cultivate a socially healthy work environment and one that your team members enjoy.

You also won't need to exert as much of your energy to trying to keep them happy. No more hype meetings. No more pulling people aside all of the time.

Team selling is the future of professional selling. Once you adopt it into your business, your eyes will be wide open to steady improvement and, ultimately, consistent revenue growth.

Only one question will remain in your head.

"Why didn't I do this sooner!?"

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