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Improve Your Sales Results Right Now (Part 1)

Stop with the “Selling” …. Win More Business

When you really want (or need) the business, it’s easy to slide into “selling mode”. When you cross over the line, you begin to sound like a stereotypical salesperson. You begin prematurely explaining features & benefits, unnecessarily justifying the investment and maybe even bashing the competition —  basically, all the things you should not be doing.

The bottom line, you’re probably talking too much and you are about to kill your chance of closing the sale.

Your job is to help the prospect discover how you can help them solve their problems, meet their challenges and reach their goals. Learn to educate with questions and third-party stories. Recognize when the sale is made… and then be quiet. Salespeople who talk too much soon become victims of the 5/55 rule — they make the sale in the first 5 minutes, and then spend the next 55 minutes “buying” it back. Once the prospect has made their buying decision, trying to reinforce their decision by adding additional information will often do more harm than good.

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