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How To Hire: The Team Selling Culture

Have you heard about the advantages of team selling? Maybe you’re thinking about adopting a team-centered approach in your sales strategy? If you are, you can count yourself among an elite group of entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales managers who are leveraging the power of team work to drive profits, spur growth, and satisfy customers.

Companies around the world are starting to see benefits like…

  • Boosts in customer support because there is always at least one member of the team ready to help them.
  • More efficient sales because each team member brings different expertise to the table.
  • Improved lead generation and lead nurturing from start to finish.

And more!

The benefits for team selling are undeniable, and many are choosing to change towards this new strategy. But they shouldn’t jump in head first without the RIGHT people.

You see, developing a strong and effective team selling culture requires a completely different hiring strategy than most sales companies are accustomed to. Instead of simply hiring the best salesperson you can find, you have to be thoughtful about hiring the right people with the right combination of skills.

Taking this new approach may require you to reject the hot shot applicant who broke the sales record at their last job and instead hire the ex-customer service rep who knows how to keep the customer happy. Each situation can be quite different.

To put it simply, you’ll probably need to stop hiring "lone wolf" types and start hiring the team players. But what types of team members should you be looking for during your next hiring period?

To be successful, every sales team needs to have a diverse set of skills. As you assemble your team, look for people who can fill at least one or two of the following roles…

Business Development Specialist: The person who knows how to find leads and get them excited about your product or service. Usually these are your junior or associate level personnel... your professional prospectors.

Marketing Communications: This is your “listener”, writer, editor and creative director. This team member should be a great communicator and be well tuned to your primary target market.

Account Executive: This is the classic sales rep. This is the person who knows the product, the competition, and the target customer. In some cases, this may be someone who helped develop the product, or someone who has sold similar products in the past. Graybeard.

Sales Admin: This key position is for someone who is comfortable managing the many details of a deal, a sale and the team. This person must be adept at dotting the I’s, crossing T's and making sure that everything runs smoothly.

This is a basic list of roles that your new hires should be able to fill, but you shouldn’t stop there. Think carefully about your target market, and what there needs are likely to be. Then build your sales team to fill those needs.

Aaron Ross, author of 'Predictable Revenue', also has a great article on the topic of sales roles. You can find that article here.

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