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Anti-Sales Professionals

Commentary on an emerging mindset

Recently, I read a post that suggested sales professionals stop engaging in selling behavior... the exact behaviors associated with the greatest results. In essence, the author was proposing that sales professionals stop selling; the equivalent of asking a musician to stop playing their instrument.

Over the past five years, an increase in the "anti-sales mindset" has gained a wider audience. Technology has facilitated this mindset and watered down the potency, value and relevancy of human dynamics. Individuals, not motivated to embrace professional selling has contributed too.

As a student, witness, advisor and promoter of professional selling, this emerging mindset is bizarre, disappointing, and almost comical to observe. To the world of business, I believe it has the potential to be quite damaging.

Interpersonal / human dynamics will always be at the core of any deal. Drive and initiative will always be the fuel that creates and develops new business opportunity. Avoiding human sales interactions or attempting to "automate" key exchanges only makes the individual (and organization) weaker.

"Anti-sales" mindsets promote atrophy of the exact skills required for results. Additionally, they further develop ineffective transaction dynamics.

Like gravity, professional selling requires certain skills and behaviors. For improvement, these skills and behaviors need to be developed and supported. There are no shortcuts.

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